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 E-mobility will be the mainstream in Turkey within a decade. Follow and start an e-mobility business and take part in the sector from the very beginning in Turkey.


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It is estimated that around 800.000 Passenger EVs will be sold in a single year of 2030, although there are only a few thousand EVs on the road in 2020 in Turkey. That means a huge transformation in automotive, energy and related industries will be realized in such a short term.  It is important to enter the market as early as possible for success and having advantage at following years. We are aware that starting a new business abroad can be an exciting and challenging; however, it can also be a period of uncertainty and risk.

From the definition of your strategy to the management of your local business, our experts provide support, expertise and experience and accompany you as your business grows and changes in Turkey.

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  • Legal assistance for starting a business,

  • Support for virtual / shared office opportunities,

  • Find the right people for your business (networking),

  • Merger and acquisition support,

  • Technical assistance with well-known experts /academicians,

  • Any related tasks for your e-mobility business, etc.,


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E-mobility concept is quite  new for Turkey as well as for the world. E-mobility is not just a concept for the automotive industry; but it is the combination of green economy concepts / realities such as renewable energy, energy storage, green and livable cities, artificial intelligence, autonomy, sustainability, “0”emissions, recyclability that we often hear today and are indispensable for the future. Our consultants, including our founder Haluk Sayar, have played an important national and international role in the transition from fossil to a green economy. We have gained the trust of national and international organizations, formations and large commercial institutions by introducing new, innovative and first of its kind concepts to Turkey. Each of us has 20 years or more national and international experience and knowledge in our field of expertise.


Briefly, our aim is to support the companies who attempt or plan   to do business in Turkey by providing them the most strategic and efficient entry ways to the Turkish market and maintaining their business with healthy and successful growth with minimal risk as possible. For this purpose at library section at our website, there are many documents for the subject of “how to do business in Turkey” along with the documents for  e-mobility and related sectors.  For better understanding of the Turkish e-mobility market, you can also follow our monthly newsletter, important news about e-mobility in Turkey at our “news” section.




He graduated from the department of Mechanical Engineering at Istanbul YıldızTechnical University  in 1989.  He is the founder of Enerji Muhendislik (1995) and AES Alternatif Enerji Sistemleri (1999) which was the pioneer renewable energy company in Turkey that was merged into an international consultancy company.  He has profound experiences in  developing and managing sustainable energy projects.  He  also managed many first of its kind energy and carbon related projects in Turkey such as developing carbon credits for RES projects,  carbon offsetting for corporations, developing low carbon economy strategies for sectors (such as cement and ceramic industry  in Turkey), consulting for energy and environmental ministries etc. in Turkey. He has worked in several national and international funded projects (TR, EU, UN, EBRD, FFEM, etc.) for developing sustainable energy future both locally and globally. He has an instructor certificate for strategic management and planning. He is active in professional bodies. He is the founder and general coordinator of AVERE Electro Mobility Association, one of the founders of Eurosolar Turkey European Renewable Energy Association in Turkey and Turkish Green Building Council CEDBIK.