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Commercial EV Manufacturing /Ford

Ford Otosan will invest 20.5 billion TL in the new electric vehicle manufacturing factory which will also have a battery assembly facility in Kocaeli. 3.000 people will be employed in the factory and It is envisaged to provide additional employment for 3.000 people. 200 of this employment will consist of qualified personnel. According to the incentive certificate, the facility will have the capacity to produce 210.0000 commercial elecric vehicles and 130 thousand batteries per year.


NGO / AVERE Turkey

Graphite is a strategic and critical nonmetal used in Li-ion battery manufacturing. We have one third of the world's reserves but unfortunately we import ...


Commercial EV Manufacturing / Electric Bus / Karsan

The autonomous Atak Electric, Europe's first public transport vehicle with 100 percent electric and Level 4 autonomous features, started to be unloaded from the production lines in Karsan's factory in Bursa.


R&D / Agean University

The project named "PV based electric vehicle wireless charging and dynamic energy management system development" conducted by Ege University has been awarded the support of TÜBİTAK. Project manager Mr. Akca stated that they aim to use the energy obtained from photovoltaic panels in charging electric vehicles wirelessly with the project.


Commercial EV Manufacturing / Electric Busses / Temsa

Temsa made the first export of its electric city bus MD9 electriCITY to Sweden. According to the statement made by Temsa, 6 MD9 electriCITY electric buses developed by the company's engineers and manufactured in the company's Adana facilities set off for Sweden.


EV Charging Service / Eşarj

Eşarj announced that they would set up the charging stations in Sweden after Turkey. It was noted that after the electric buses produced by Temsa are exported to Sweden, the buses will be charged through Eşarj stations.


EV Test Center / OTAM

Starting its activities in 2019 with the cooperation of Turkey's first TOSB and OTAM "Driverless Vehicle Test Track" continues to attract interest by companies and start ups. The Driverless Vehicle Test Track now hosts the work of the Driverless Forklift designed by SK ROBOTIK.


EV Charging Services / ZES

Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES), one of Zorlu Enerji's biggest investments to implement new generation technologies, provides service with electric vehicle charging stations in 81 cities in more than 420 locations.


EV Manufacturer / Renault

Renault ZOE electric car flagship in the third generation began to be sold in Turkey. Introduced for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, ZOE is an important milestone in the brand's electric vehicle development strategy with more than 60 awards across Europe. In the electric vehicle market, ZOE holds the title of the best-selling electric car in Europe with more than 84 thousand units in the January-November period.


Regulation / Investment Incentive 

Electric vehicle production was included within the scope of priority investment subjects. According to the President's decision, which was published in the Official Gazette and made changes in the decision regarding state aid in investments, industrial plant investments including the production of electricity or hydrogen-powered transportation vehicles with a minimum amount of 50 million TL and R&D environmental investments were included among the priority investment subjects.


Public Transport / Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Alper Bilgili, general manager of IETT; We plan to put larger capacity, rubber-wheeled, electrically powered and, if possible, autonomous vehicles into service before 2023.


Battery Raw Material /ETİ Maden

A lithium carbonate production facility was opened at Eti Maden Facilities in Eskişehir. Lithium is produced at the facility, which can also be used in the battery of the electric car. At the facility, an annual production of 10 tons is planned in the first stage.


Regulation / Micro Mobility

The regulation covering electric scooters has entered into force. According to this, bike lanes will be built on the highways in suitable places, those under the age of 15 will not be able to use bicycles and scooters at roads, drivers while turning will have to give priority to bicycles and scooters for passing, and if two people ride on a single scooter, they will pay a penalty.


EV Manufacturing / TOGG

Turkey's automobile was introduced to the public one year ago. In the first year since its introduction, significant progress has been made in critical issues such as starting the construction of production facilities, registration of designs and production of vehicle batteries.


EV Sharing / Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer stated that their goal is to raise awareness about the use of electric vehicles in İzmir and said: “Our citizens will experience using electric vehicles thanks to the shared vehicle system. They will see that the cost of electricity is 75 percent lower than fossil fuels. It will understand that it does not create air pollution as it is not exhaust gas, and that it benefits health. They will also realize that there is no engine noise and does not create noise." 

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