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Regulation / SC Tax

The SCT rate for electric vehicles increased from 3 percent to 10 percent for the cars with engine power up to 85 kW, from 7 to 25 percent for the cars between 85 kW and 120 kW and from 15 to 60 for the cars above 120 kW.  


Commercial EV Manufacturing /Karsan

Autonomous Atak Electric, ready to use a 100% electric and autonomous bus developed in collaboration with Karsan and ADASTEC was introduced. Autonomous Atak Electric is the first level 4 autonomous electric bus in Europe and America.


Commercial EV Manufacturing /Temsa

Temsa and its sister company Skoda which won the electric bus tender in Prague will deliver the fleet of 14 buses to the capital of the Czech Republic at the end of this year.


Municipality /Antalya Metropolitan

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the electric bus project in order to relieve urban traffic and contribute to the environment. The first test drive of the electric bus, which is aimed to serve on the Nostalgia Tram line, was carried out.


EV Manufacturing / TOGG 

TOGG CEO's Karakas, "We provide 75 percent of our supply from Turkey and the majority are from the members of TAYSAD, while 25 percent from overseas, . At the end of 2022, first mass production vehicle coming off the line that will initially be 51% turkish made.  We believe we will increase this to 68 percent by the end of 2025.


EV Charging Operator / Shell

In addition to electric charging companies, fuel companies are also not idle. Shell is also focused on charging stations in Turkey. Shell Turcas CEO's Turanlı said, "We aim to increase the number of charging units to 15 by the end of the year, especially in big cities and holiday routes."


Commercial EV Manufacturing Boat Industry /Sefine Shipyard

Basto Electric NB42, the world's largest electric ferry with a total capacity of 600 passengers and 200 passenger vehicles produced by Sefine Shipyard, successfully passed the equipment and hardware tests applied during its trial cruises and was delivered to the Norwegian company Basto Fosen.


EV Manufacturing /DFSK -Şahsuvaroğlu

Chinese auto producer DFSK (Dong Feng)'s Euro 6 standard C-electric SUV model;SERES 3 will be sold in Turkey with Turkish partner Şahsuvaroğlu.


Auto news/ / Survey

Second hand automobile platform shared the results of its survey on the use of electric vehicles with the participation of 6912 people. According to the research, consumers want to own electric vehicles, but there are many question marks in their minds.


NGOs / AVERE Turkey

Haluk Sayar: "It is time to correct a mistake about electric vehicles (EV); they are not vehicles with zero emissions or zero carbon footprint. In order for a vehicle to be carbon -neutral, it should not emit greenhouse gases at any stage from the materials used in vehicle production until the vehicle is scrapped and recycled of its life cycle. Obviously, it is not possible today. However, we can compare the amount of emissions caused by ICE and EV for a life cycle."

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