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MAY 2022

July 2021


Regulation / Charging

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz announced that they have granted the first charging network operator licenses in Turkey. Yılmaz said, "When it is predicted that we will reach over 1 million electric vehicles in 2030, the need for at least 100 thousand charging units arises."


E-mobility / Accidents

In the last year, 8 people lost their lives and 899 people were injured in traffic accidents involving "electric scooters" (e-Scooters), which have become a part of urban transportation.


Fair / Busworld 2022

Turkey, Europe's number one bus manufacturer and exporter, started its electric bus attack. Manufacturers of electric buses, Isuzu, Karsan, and Otokar, exhibited their latest models at Busworld Turkey 2022, which was held for the 10th time this year.


E-scooters / Maintanence

Electric scooters, increasing in number every day due to their usefulness and economy, brought the need for maintenance specialists.


EV Manufacturer / Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz, the name with the broadest product range in the Turkish market, started to offer five different options to consumers with the EQB introduced in May. Another German manufacturer BMW follows Mercedes in terms of the product range in Turkey. BMW sells three different fully electric “i” series cars in Turkey


Commercial EV / Electric Trucks / Nuh Çimento

“Nuh Çimento will transform the diesel-fueled dump trucks, which it uses in cement operations, into electric trucks with ABB's high-tech products, within the framework of its goals of reducing its carbon footprint to zero. Thanks to the project, it is aimed to save 1 million liters of diesel fuel annually.


EV Sales / Statistics

According to a study by PwC Strategy, global electric vehicle (BEV) sales in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 107 percent compared to the first quarter of last year. The report states that the quarterly sales figure exceeded 1 million. Most of this increase comes from China. According to the research, two-thirds of electric vehicles sold worldwide in the first quarter of the year were in China.


EV Operators / Fenix

Fenix announced that it will start a fast courier market with Fenix Market, personalized delivery with Fenix Genie, and power bank rental with Fenix Fuel.


Electric Boat / DİSKİ

Diyarbakır Water and Sewerage Administration (DİSKİ) General Directorate terminated fossil fuel boat transportation within the framework of the "Dicle Dam Lake Basin Protection Plan", one of the city's most important drinking and utility water resources. DİSKI has started work to provide electric service to the boats in Eğil.


Electric train / Alstom

Alstom; has been operating in Turkey for more than 70 years as a leading provider of turnkey systems, signaling, and train control technologies for rail vehicles, subways, and trams.   The railway, which has the lowest emissions among all motorized transportation options, emits 10 times less carbon per kilometer and passenger than airplanes. Altom is the first worldwide manufacturer to introduce a regional train that has hydrogen fuel cell technology in 2018. 

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