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Education / EV Race

College students at full throttle: Not speed but energy efficiency race!

Within the scope of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, Electric Vehicle and Hydro Mobile Races were organized by Tubitak for the 16th time this year.  TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal said that "there is great excitement on the racing pist , “Our first goal was to raise awareness in the society. We first started with solar powered vehicles, and continue with electromobility and hydromobility.  48 teams are on the race”.


Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing / Busses / Mercedes Benz

R&D activities of the electric city bus e-Citaro were carried out by the Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D Center.

The mileage and equipment endurance tests of eCitaro were performed in the Hidropuls simulation unit which meets 1,000,000 km of road conditions.  Many hardware and infrastructure work (such as vehicle bodywork, exterior covering, interior equipment, certain electrical scopes and diagnostic systems)were developed in the responsibility of Hoşdere Bus R & D Center in Turkey.



Equipment Manufacturing / Battery Structure Profile / ASAŞ

ASAŞ to manufacture EV'S battery structure profile.


ASAŞ, became part of MARBEL Project that is funded by the framework of the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, will develop electric car battery structure profile systems within the scope of the project.


Municipality / İzmir

The nostalgic tram comes to Kordon area in Izmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is starting the nostalgic tram project. The nostalgic tram, inspired by the electric trams that have been used in Izmir since 1928, will have rubber wheels and will work with electricity in order not to harm the beauty of Kordon.


Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing / Metro Cars / Bozankaya

Bozankaya to manufacture metro cars. Bozankaya will begin to deliver battery-powered trolleybus and tram that is worth of 150 million Euro to Romania in 2021 . Bozankaya has also come to an end for serial production of the domestic metro cars.


Municipality / Tepebaşı

Contributing to the future of Tepebaşı. Tepebaşı Municipality continues to serve public transportation and shuttle services to the people of Tepebaşı with 4 fully electric buses and 22 hybrid vehicles which were obtained by the grant of the European Commission within the scope of REMOURBAN - Smart Urban Transformation Project.


R&D /Design  / Innovation / Defne Boz

Defne Koz designed Europe's electric vehicle charging stations

The charging stations designed by Defne Koz and her partner Marco Susani will be installed all over Italy within next 3 years. This 300 million euro investment was announced by Enel's CEO last week. Under the plan, 14,000 electric charging stations will be established across the country until 2022.


Association / OIB

OIB will announce the best designs in automotive industry on October 27.

Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Association organizes a competition every year in order to increase exports by developing value-added products and technologies in the automotive sector. The theme of competition is "electric vehicle" and Innovative projects that will make a difference in the automotive industry from general design to software will be awarded in the Future of Automotive Design Competition this year.


Regulation / Strategy Document & Action Plan

The National Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy Document and 2020-2023 Action Plan

The National Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy Document and 2020-2023 Action Plan prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure were approved by the Presidential Circular No. 2020/9 and entered into force from the date of August 4, 2020 .


Regulation / Parking lot

The Charging station will be mandatory in one of every 50 parking spaces. Environment and Urban Planning Minister "Murat  Kurum" said that  "one in  every 50 parking spaces in the parking lot will be reserved for electric vehicles with the adjustment we made in the Parking Regulation , besides electric charging staions will become compulsory at each gas stations in Turkey.


Car Manufacturing / General

The voltage is rising in Turkey.

The top selling 100% BEV car brand and type was BMW i3 , Jaguar i-Pace,  Renault ZOE, Smart EQ and a few others in Turkey. However, this picture will change in the near future. Several brands are preparing to introduce new electric models into Turkish market. Before the end of 2020, two electric models of two brands will hit the road. One of them is the Porsche Taycan and the other one is Mercedes-Benz EQC.


Battery / Start up / NICAT

İzmir-based technology company aims to contribute to domestic cars.

Izmir-based technology start-up company, which will produce nickel-based cathode that is used in the areas such as electric vehicle and heavy equipment, shipping and energy storage system, now aims to contribute to the domestic electric car.


Car Manufacturing / Honda - SBK Holding

Honda Turkey: The negotiations in progress for the Factory.

Honda talks with buyers for the sale of the factory they will shut down in 2021. Honda said that they were still continuing negotiations with interested parties and has not yet reached any agreement. It was alleged that Hexagon Engineering, a subsidiary of SBK Holding, bought the factory for 550 million TL for the production of electric vehicles.


Micro Mobility / Kedi e-scooters

New player for the electric scooter rental market: Kedi.

The adventure of electric scooter of Istanbul started with Martı, which entered our lives as an electric scooter rental initiative and started to serve in March 2019. After Martı, Palm, BinBin, Hop! and Dost, and many other brands started to serve in this field. Nowadays, a new brand has started to serve in this field; Kedi Scooters.


Regulation / Micro Mobility

The first step in Electric Scooter Regulation.

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure; "Currently 35 thousand e-scooters in Turkey in use by over 3 million citizens. However, especially epidemic period, the demand for alternative transportation has rapidly increased at the presence of the traffic of these vehicles.  , We have accelerated our work complying with the requirements of the day and expectations in order to create an innovative mobility system . "

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