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September 2021

July 2021


EV Manufacturer / Car Sharing /TikTak

Renault MAİS signed the largest electric vehicle sales agreement with the vehicle sharing company TikTak. TikTak, which will purchase a total of 400 fully electric Renault Zoe models by December, will start to serve with these vehicles in operations in Istanbul at the end of September.


Commercial EV Manufacturer / Temsa

TEMSA exhibited Avenue Electron and MD9 electriCITY busses, as well as the battery packs that were started to produce in-house, at the International Motor Show (IAA Mobility 2021), held in Munich that is one of the most important organizations in the European automotive market.  the vehicles exhibited by TEMSA at its stand also provided transportation services in the fairground.


Municipalities / Manisa BB /Electric Busses

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Manisa Transportation Services Inc. (MANULAŞ) added 7  18 meters and 2  pieces 25 meters long electric busses to its fleet. Manisa is the province now with the largest electric vehicle fleet in Turkey with its 22 electric buses.


EV Financing /Garanti Bankası

Garanti BBVA offers the loan facility that it previously provided to its individual customers to disseminate the use of environmentally friendly vehicles, now with the Corporate Green Vehicle Loan product, for the use of all corporate companies, fleet leasing and vehicle finance companies.


EV Race / Teknofest 

The awards were given to winners in the Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races organized by TÜBİTAK. 3 high school teams received awards in the domestic design award category; E Caretta, Yesilyurt Information House and Team Mostra. Teams participating at the university level were awarded in 4 categories. While Samüelar was deemed worthy of the special award by the Board, Adyu Cendere was deemed worthy of the Visual Design award, and Göktürk teams were deemed worthy of the Technical Design award. YTU-AESK_H team won the award in the Domestic Product Incentive Category.


Micro-mobility / Market

Turkish Micro mobility market activity continues at full speed. It is foreseen that tens of thousands of new scooters will be added to the streets in metropolitan cities in the coming period. One wonders how the competition will reflect on product variety and prices. 


EV Boat Manufacturing / Tersan

Tersan shipyard delivered the bidirectional electric ferry RØDVENFJORD built for Fjord1 ASA. Rodvenfjord is the third of the ferry series, the first of which was delivered in August 2019, and the 7th ferry in total was delivered to Fjord1 ASA by Tersane Shipyard. The ferry with a length of 107.47 meters and a width of 17.7 meters has the capacity to carry 299 passengers, 120 vehicles, and 12 trailers, including the crew.


EV Survey / Arval Mobility Observatory

The results of the 2021 Mobility and Fleet Barometer prepared by Arval Mobility Observatory have been announced. According to the research, almost 7 out of 10 companies in 2020 have included hybrid, plug-in hybrid vehicles in their fleet or stated that they plan to include them in the next 3 years. Yet last year only 3 out of 10 companies were considering these options.


Logistic / Ekol

Ekol logistic aims to reduce its total emissions (Scope 1-2 and 3) per total turnover (tCO2e / turnover EUR) by 55%, and to reduce the total emissions from vehicles in circulation in Europe by 75% until 2030 compared to 2020 base year carbon emissions . Ekol also calculates the Corporate Carbon Footprint according to international standards and systematically reports the value created by its customers in the supply chain since 2012.


Commercial EV Manufacturing / Karsan

Karsan introduced its new 100 % electric model family, e-ATA. According to the statement, the e-ATA series will take its place in the market as three different models with a length of 10, 12 and 18 meters with 7 different battery packs from 150 kWh to 600 kWh.

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