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January 2022

July 2021


EV Charging / Legislation

The increase in electricity tariffs, which reached 130 percent starting from the night of December 31, increased the charging cost of electric vehicles between 109 percent and 130 percent. Charging service up to 7.4 kW for AC Type 2 sockets was 25 cents per minute in 2021. Today, the price of the same service has increased to 55 cents.


Cargo  / Yurtiçi Kargo

Increasing the number of electric vehicles in its fleet every year in order to reduce carbon emissions, Yurtiçi Kargo has added 80 more vehicles to its fleet as of 2022, increasing the number of electric vehicles to 270.


EV Manufacturer / Tesla

Tesla started to operate in Turkey. The company is expected to officially complete its establishment and structuring in Turkey in 2022 and put all 4 models on sale. Tesla will also bring the supercharger infrastructure to Turkey. There are 10 provinces from Turkey on Tesla's website for charging stations. These provinces were listed as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Balikesir, Bursa, Edirne, Sakarya, Izmir and Konya.


Commercial EV Manufacturing / Temsa

TEMSA delivered the 'MD9 electriCITY' model electric bus to Spain's operator company ALSA for introduction. As of today, TEMSA-manufactured buses are exported to 66 countries and this number is increasing. CEO Doğancıoğlu: “We talked about examples from abroad and the achievements of TEMSA in those countries… It is quite possible that all these can be seen, implemented and used in the same way in our country. There is no reason otherwise.


Commercial EV Manufacturing / Karsan

Carrying its electric vehicle fleet in Europe to more than 250 units, Karsan has recently announced that it has entered the Norwegian market. 'Autonomous e-ATAK started to serve in Stavanger city of the country. Thus, for the first time, an autonomous electric bus will be used in any city center in Europe.


Municipality /Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality /İETT

Electric buses are coming to Istanbul. IETT took the first step to purchase 100 electric vehicles in its 2022 budget. The test process of the electric bus with a range of 300 kilometers has been started. With the purchase, 100% electric buses will be added to the fleet for the first time in IETT history.


EV Rental Company / TikTak

TikTak, a minute or hourly car rental company, launched its new service called TikTak City in Istanbul. Consisting of fully electric cars, TikTak City allows citizens to have a comfortable and clean journey.


EV Charging Operator / ZES

According to the statement, ZES has carried the services it provides for electric cars in Turkey to Greece, and 'ZES Solutions I.K.E.'was founded in the country. 


Battery Manufacturer / Aspilsan -Turk Telekom

Türk Telekom collaborated with ASPİLSAN Energy on the development and commercial use of domestic lithium batteries. The lithium battery, developed by ASPİLSAN Energy with the support of Türk Telekom engineers, was first tested in Türk Telekom's live network and started to be used commercially.


E-Scooter / Link

LINK, the electric scooter rental solution that Superpedestrian provides service in 10 countries and 55 cities in total, started to serve in Istanbul last month. Developing its location and fleet in a short time, Link provides service with more than 4 thousand electric scooters in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.

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