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February 2022

July 2021


E -Busses / IBB Municipality / IETT

Tests continue for 100 electric buses that are planned to be included in the IETT fleet. TEMSA Avenue Electron model started to be tested last month. This 100% electric vehicle has a range of 400 kilometers. Bozankaya Sileo model domestic electric vehicle test has been tested by IETT for the last 2 years. The tested vehicle electric bus is 18 meters long, has a single accordion, a range of 250 kilometers, and a 55-seat capacity.


E-Cycle / Legislation

Mehmet Emin Birpınar, Deputy Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, spoke about the climate council held in Konya; We aim to increase micro-mobility and to expand the use of scooters and bicycles in cities. It is very important to accept them politically. It is also very important that the vehicles used by municipalities for public transportation are switched to electric (ie, zero emissions).


EV Cargo / Şok Market

Continuing to invest in Cepte ŞOK, ŞOK Marketler is establishing a wide network for the 'Cepte ŞOK' electric delivery vehicle to strengthen its order distribution network. ŞOK Marketler, which will put CepteŞOK electric vehicles into service in 81 provinces, plans to employ approximately 1,300 people within the scope of the project.


EV Race /FIA Electric Touring 

As the second leg of the 2022 calendar of the FIA Electric Touring Cars World Championship, the electric car race organization, the introductory meeting of the Turkey race to be held between 20-22 May was held at the Haliç Shipyard, hosted by Beyoğlu Municipality.


 Micro-Mobility Producer/ Volta Motor

Volta motor, which can manufacture almost all kinds of small electric vehicles, will increase its factory production capacity from 105 thousand 900 units to 1 million 363 thousand 450 units per year. The number of employees at the factory will also be increased from 260 to 860.


E-Boat / Turkish Shipyards

With the effect of the EU Green Deal, orders for electric and hybrid ships to Turkish shipyards accelerated. The shipyards, which are preparing to set a new record in exports at the end of the year, aim to make the real leap in 2023. The number of environmentally friendly ships to be delivered by the end of 2023 has reached 30 in the order books of the shipyards 


E- air vehicle / Biyoteksan

Designed, developed, and manufactured by BİYOTEKSAN, UCBEY VTOL air vehicle (BIHA) has a vertical landing and take-off (VTOL) feature. Having a wingspan of 3.5 meters and a take-off weight of 22 kg, UÇBEY BIHA can be used in reconnaissance and surveillance missions with the ISR gimbal system it carries. It can stay in the air for 3 hours with electric motors.


EV Producer/ Skywell

Emphasizing that they started the first customer deliveries as of the end of February, the Chinese automobile manufacturer SKYWELL Turkey CEO Mahmut Ulubaş said, "We have received 270 orders in a short period of 4 months since the first day of our promotion. We opened our SKYWELL showrooms in big cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, and Kayseri.


EV Charging / Economy

After the last electricity price increases, it is wondered whether electric vehicles are still more economical than internal combustion engine ones. The answer is yes.  Renault Zoe can travel 1 km for 42 cents when charged at electric charging operators (2 hours and 15 minutes), and for 27 cents when charged at home (16 hours). The gasoline equivalent of this vehicle consumes an average of 1 TL per km as of the end of February. (6LT/100KM). Note: Figures may differ depending on vehicle type.



TOBFED, the only federation of the Turkish automotive maintenance and after-sales services industry, was established in 2003 and is the only organization of the industry with 300 thousand SMEs and 1.5 million employees, recognized and cooperated with by official institutions. It is represented by 11 associations and 81 provincial representatives throughout Turkey. AVERE Turkey participated in the extraordinary general assembly held on February 12, TOBFED.

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