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July 2021

July 2021


EV Sales

According to the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) data, electric car sales in the first six months of the year increased by a record 415 percent to 891 units. The best-selling model in the electric car segment in Turkey was the Porsche Taycan with 234 units. It was followed by Renault Zoe with 175 units, Mercedes-Benz EQC with 155 units, BMW ix3 with 144 units, and MG ZV with 140 units. In addition to distributors, there are also electric cars imported and sold from abroad in the market. When these are taken into account, the number of electric cars sold in Turkey is higher.


Commercial EV Manufacturer / Karsan

Karsan was awarded the prize because of its contribution to the exports of the automotive industry in Turkey. Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, "We have made a total of 200 electric vehicle sales in more than 30 European cities. Today, our 100% electric vehicles, Jest Electric and Atak Electric travelled more than 1 million kilometers in Europe.


Commercial EV Manufacturer / Ford Otosan

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will provide a 650 million euros loan to Otosan to support the production of a new generation of Ford's 1-ton all-electric and plug-in hybrid versions of commercial vehicles for the European market.


Regulation / Green Deal Action Plan 

According to the action plan;

 It is planned that "Carrying out studies to reduce harmful emissions from the maritime sector and support green maritime", "Strategy development and planning activities for the development of electric vehicle and charging infrastructure", "Necessary legislative studies to increase the use of micro-mobility vehicles (bikes, scooters)", "Promotion and effectively implementation of Electric Vehicles in Public Transport Fleets and Service Vehicles".  


Finance Sector / TSKB

According to the TSKB study "When we look at the special consumption tax (SCT) rates of electric vehicles in our country, it is seen that a lower tax is applied to gasoline or diesel-fueled cars with less than 135 thousand TL sale price than electric vehicles. There are incentive applications in many different areas such as purchase subsidy, registration tax, VAT, scrap incentive, annual license plate tax, parking and toll fees, use of special lanes for electric vehicles around the world. In our country, cost-inducing practices such as special consumption tax make it difficult to choose electric vehicles.


EV Auto Rental Companies / LeasePlan

LeasePlan Turkey has included ZS model electric vehicles of the MG brand, which is the distributor of Doğan Trend Otomotiv, into its fleet.


EV Auto Rental Companies / Enterprise

Car rental company Enterprise Turkey has announced that it has expanded its fleet by purchasing 75 fully electric iX3s from Borusan Otomotiv, the Turkish distributor of BMW. With this investment, it was announced that Enterprise Turkey is the brand with the largest electric vehicle fleet in Turkey, and it was emphasized that the BMW iX3, which stands out with its 459-kilometer range, can only be rented with Enterprise Turkey.


Auto Insurance Companies

The number of electric and hybrid vehicles is rapidly increasing. Insurance companies have recently taken action for electric and hybrid vehicles, which have become a popular trend of recent years and whose sales and use are increasing. Special automobile insurance products for the needs of electric and hybrid cars as the symbol of green transformation started to come into play one by one.


EV Service Companies / E-garaj

E-Garaj's co-founder Ahmet Faruk Usta said, “The electric car market in Turkey grew by 600% last year compared to the previous year. About 1,200 electric cars were sold in the first 6 months of 2021. As E-Garaj, our market share in these sales is 10%. E-Garaj provides service in a showroom of 1,200 square meters in Istanbul Maslak and with 30 personnel who are experts in their fields of service.


EV Manufacturer / Amperino

Saloni and Erhun Metal companies operating in Bursa's İnegöl district took action to produce short-distance-range electric vehicles for the cities. The company that received the trademark registration of the SUV-looking electric vehicle named Amperino; now It is preparing to promote the project in the coming days.

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