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JULY 2022

July 2021


Regulation  / Custom Taxes

With the President's Decision published in the Official Gazette dated July 26, 2022, the customs duty for imported electric car models was increased from 10 percent to 20 percent. The decision will take effect after 15 days.


E-scooter Park Zone / IBB

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has started a micromobility parking area project for electric scooters. Kadıköy, the district where scooters are used the most, was chosen as the pilot region. 52 electric scooter parking areas will be built in Kadıköy. The project will also be implemented in districts such as Beşiktaş, Fatin, Şişli, Üsküdar, Bakırköy and Beyoğlu.


Fair & Conference / EVCharge Show

At the EVChargeShow conference on October 26, 2022, AVERE Secretary General Philippe Vangeel, AVERE Vice President Maciej Mazur, AVERE member country executives Patrik Krizansky and Haluk Sayar are coming together. In this panel, the latest situation in e-mobility transformation in EU countries, e-mobility transformation in countries such as Belgium, Poland, Italy, Slovakia along with Turkey, mistakes made, lessons learned, whether the electric vehicle charging infrastructure can meet the targets, etc. will be searched.


Incentives / EV Charge Stastions

The results of the technological product investment support program for charging stations for electric vehicles have been announced. According to the support program, 46 investment subjects were determined in Turkey. file:///C:/Users/Hp/Downloads/Ek-1%20(4).pdf . The cities/towns where the charging stations will be supported were determined before the tender. You can see the 20 companies that won the tender in the attached document.


Cargo / PTT

PTT AŞ is increasing the number of energy efficient and nature friendly electric vehicles used in mail and cargo distribution day by day. Providing 7 times more advantages than internal combustion engines in terms of energy costs, 100 percent electric and zero carbon emission vehicles can travel 220 kilometers on a full charge. The vehicles, which save money with their low charging cost, can be charged in 4 to 9 hours.


Report / ODD

According to the Automotive Distributors Association's report published on July 4, 2,361 electric cars were sold in the first half of this year, 861 in June. This number cannot even meet 1% of total automobile sales.


Railway / TCDD

'T.C. General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD) will build and operate a 22.5 MW solar power plant in Konya with an investment of 81 million TL. Minister Karaismailoğlu announced that by 2025, more than 50 percent of the energy consumed by TCDD will be met from renewable energy sources, primarily solar and wind, and the greenhouse gas emissions from TCDD's activities will be 75% below that of 1990 by 2035.


EV Charge Operators / 18 Brands

In the past month, 4 more companies received charging network operator licenses. Registered trademarks of these companies; Neva charger, Green Ascience, Voltrun and e-POwer . Thus, a total of 18 companies, including Petrol Ofisi, obtained licenses with the e-POwer brand.


Electric Bus / Karsan

Karsan announced that it has sold a total of 89 e-ATAKs to 6 different operators to operate on Luxembourg's inner-city and inter-city lines.


Electric Bus / Temsa -Aselsan / Samsun BB

Test drives of electric buses developed by Temsa and Aselsan for urban transportation in Samsun started. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality announced that they have added 25 electric motorcycles, 30 e-scooters and two electric buses to the municipal fleet.

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