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April 2022

July 2021


Regulation / Charging

The procedures and principles regarding the establishment of charging units and stations where electrical energy is supplied to electric vehicles, the operation of the charging network and the stations connected to the charging network, and the provision of charging service were determined.


Subsidy / Charging Stations

Information meeting on the Support Program for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey was held on 18.04. The presentation can be accessed from the link below.


Statistics / EV Sales

According to ODD data, in the January-March 2022 period, the automobile and light commercial vehicle market decreased by 23.5% compared to the previous year. Of the 117,000 cars sold in Turkey, only 1,073 are electric. Despite the low sales of electric vehicles, only 1/3 of this number was sold in the same period last year.


Commercial EV Manufacturing / Ford Transit

Ford Otosan took Ford's first electric light commercial vehicle in Europe, Ford E-Transit, off the line. E-Transit, the first fully electric light commercial vehicle produced in Turkey, is also the most powerful electric commercial vehicle in Europe. The new electric Transit will be sold in Europe in the coming months and in Turkey in the second half of the year.


Electric Boat / Turkish Navy

Diesel-electricity drive is preferred in the propulsion system of Offshore Patrol Ships (ADKG) manufactured in Turkey. The basis of this preference lies in increasing the efficiency of the ship. With the electricity produced by diesel generators, the propellers of electric motors are rotated. In recent years, quite innovative ships operating with electric motor systems have been started to be built in Turkish civil shipyards.


EV Fair and Conference / EVCharge Show

'The Fair and Conference for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Technologies, Energy Storage and Battery Management Systems in Charging Stations will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 26-28 October 2022. Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Equipment Fair bring together the hardware and software manufacturers, service providers, and solution partners required for charging electric vehicles, as well as public and private sector investors. The event is supported by AVERE Turkey.


Finance / Charging Equipments

Garanti BBVA announced that it has agreed with ABB to establish fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. In this context, shopping loans will be provided to retail customers of Garanti BBVA for the financing of electric vehicle charging stations. Shopping credits of up to 30 thousand TL with a maturity of 3 to 36 months will be offered through ABB dealers. It was stated that the loan can be installed on sites, apartments, and detached houses.


EV Manufacturer / TOGG

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group Industry and Trade Inc. (TOGG) announced that 96 percent of the paint facility, 92 percent of the body facility and 89 percent of the assembly facility have been completed. In the previous statements made by TOGG, it was announced that a total of 1 million vehicle production in 5 different models is planned until 2030.


Commercial EV Manufacturers/ BUS2BUS Fair

Karsan, TEMSA, Otokar and Anadolu Isuzu from Turkey attended the BUS2BUS Fair, which is shown as one of the most important events of the year for the European bus market. One out of every two buses sold in Europe is produced in Turkey.


Electric Busses / Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is transforming diesel buses, which have completed their economic life, into 100 percent electric buses. With the cooperation between EGO General Directorate and BELKA AŞ, 7 buses out of 22 retired buses were made ready to serve the citizens of Ankara. The electric buses completed the European standard tests and became the first bus whose licenses were changed to electric buses.

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