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JUNE 2022

July 2021


Regulation / SC Tax

With the publication of the law amendment in the Official Gazette, the SCT rate of vehicles whose engine power does not exceed 160 kW and whose special consumption tax base does not exceed 700 thousand TL will be 10%. In the current regulation, the SCT rate was applied as 60% for all vehicles with an engine power above 85 kW, regardless of the tax base.


Regulation / Charging Operators

The number of companies that obtained a charging network operation license from EMRA rose to 14. These companies; are En fuel, Ecoconnect, Kalyon, Enertürk, Eşarj, Astor, Wat, Şarkon,, CV energy, Zes, Trugo, Sharhet and Armotec.


Charge Operator / WAT Mobility

One of the Koç Group companies, WAT Mobility, will operate in the electric vehicle charging network operation field. WAT, Opet, Otokoç Otomotiv, and Entek Elektrik took a strategic step in the electrification transformation in the automotive industry and established WAT Mobility, which will operate in the field of electric vehicle charging network operation.


Charge Operator / TOGG

It was noteworthy that one of the companies that received a license for the charging network was TOGG. In the statement made by the company, TOGG aims to install 1,000 high-performance chargers (DC) in over 600 locations in 81 provinces with the Trugo brand by the middle of next year.


Commercial EV / Garbage Truck / Tepebaşı Muni.

Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality started a trial and test drive of a 100% electric and domestically produced garbage truck. Test use of the electric garbage truck, which is expected to set an example for other cities, will take place in the Tepebaşı region. With the end of the test process, it is aimed to expand the use of the domestically produced electric garbage truck in the whole city and throughout the country.


Regulation / Support for fast charging 

Within the scope of the Fast Charging Stations Support Program for Electric Vehicles, a total of 355 project applications were made for 46 investment subjects determined by the Ministry. As a result of the evaluation made with the competition approach according to the lowest support request, 20 companies were entitled to benefit from the support. The Ministry will provide a total of approximately 150 million lira support for these investments. In this way, approximately 1 billion liras of private sector investment will be triggered. 


E-Bicycle / Ispark Tender

'Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Parking Lot Management Commerce Inc. (Ispark) will hold a closed bid procedure for the installation and operation of an electric-assisted smart bicycle (E-Bike) sharing system with 10,000 bicycles to serve throughout Istanbul. It is the Installation and Operation of an Electric Assisted Smart Bicycle (E-Bike) Sharing System in the areas under the jurisdiction and control of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The tender will be held on 06 July 2022.


E-Boat / Şehir Hatları

Stating that they want to convert the entire City Lines taxi fleet to electric ferries, Sinem Dedetaş who is general manager of Şehir Hatları stated that they will hold talks with GISBIR on this issue.


Li-ion Battery Manufacturer / Aspilsan 

A cooperation agreement was signed between ASPİLSAN Energy and Turkcell. Within the scope of the agreement, approximately 20 thousand 48V 100Ah lithium-ion batteries will be produced and supplied at ASPİLSAN Energy's facilities in Kayseri for 3.5 years. In 2022-2025, lithium batteries produced by ASPİLSAN Energy with national technology will be used in the Turkcell network infrastructure.



TEMSA increased its exports by 144 percent! The unit kilogram value of electric bus exports is approximately 25-30 times higher than Turkey's export average. Currently, 6 percent of Temsa's exports come from electric vehicles, and it aims to have electric vehicles more than half of the total bus volume by 2025.

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