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Legislation / Energy Storage Sytem with Renewable EPs

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz stated that a record level of applications was applied to install energy storage systems with wind and solar power plants and said, "There is currently an investment demand reaching 110 billion dollars. Considering the current capacity, we expect 40-45 billion dollars of this amount to be reflected on the field."


EV Charge Operator / Migros 

It was reported that Migros Ticaret AŞ decided to establish a new company in order to establish charging units, to provide charging service to operate a charging networks and stations where electrical energy supply is provided to electric vehicles in the locations where the company operates.


Post Services / PTT  

PTT General Manager Hakan Gülten said, "As PTT, we aim to enlarge our electric vehicle network in parallel with the rest of the world. We want to convert 80 percent of our vehicle fleet to electric vehicles by 2030."


Car Rental Sector / Report 

The asset size of the operational vehicle leasing sector reached TL 72 billion 100 million and the total number of vehicles reached 239 thousand 700. According to the latest report, the share of light commercial vehicles in the sector's fleet has increased to 5.8 percent, and the share of electric and hybrid vehicles has increased to 7.8 percent.


Coımmercial EV Manufacturer  / Ford

Ford-Pro introduced the new E-Tourneo Custom, the third fully electric commercial model to be produced by Ford Otosan at its Kocaeli Factories.


Commercial EV Manufacturer / Karsan-Aselsan agreeement

The production of the drive-system for e-JEST electric minibusses will be manufactured by using the electric traction system components developed by ASELSAN. These electric minibusses will be sold to ASELSAN according to the agreement between Aselsan and Karsan.


EV Charge Operators / EPDK 

The number of companies that received a charging network operating license increased to 65. It was noted that 75% of the licensed companies were based in Istanbul and Ankara.


Railways / TCDD / EV Charge Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations will be installed at TCDD stations. Investment plans are being prepared to determine where the stations will be built. In the first stage, it is planned to install electric vehicle charging stations in 75 locations.


Electric Buses / Samsun Municipality 

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality 2 months ago in urban transportation with the commissioning of electric buses 2 months ago was reported to have saved close to 884 thousand pounds from fuel.


EV Market / Brands sold in Turkey  

The number of electric vehicles sold in Turkey continues to increase every month. November 2022 Prices of All Electric Cars Offered for Sale in Turkey

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