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Battery Manufacturing / Aspilsan

CEO of Aspilsan Ismail Hakki Dogankaya said that, Turkey would become a regional leader in Li-ion batteries with this investment at the groundbreaking ceremony. The defense industry's strategic military needs will be produced domestically, said Dogankaya, who heads Aspilsan Energy, one of Turkey's leading energy companies. The facility, comprising of a closed area of 24,000 square meters in an organized industrial zone on the eastern side of Kayseri city is planned to open next year.


Battery Manufacturing / Waste Batteries / Exitcom

Disposal and recovery facility was established to contribute to the national economy by avoiding the environmental impact of regular storage of domestic primary cell wastes and recovering precious elements in the batteries. As a result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and TÜBİTAK MAM, Turkey’s first recycling plant for domestic battery wastes with 1 ton/day capacity was established within the Exitcom Recycling company.


Micro Mobility / Research Center

"Mobility Systems Research Center-Mobility LAB" was established in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and Yıldız Technical University. Micro mobility vehicles, which provide solutions to traffic congestion, one of the most critical problems of big cities, and provide freedom of movement for short distances, have entered our lives rapidly and become widespread. This project aims to shape the future of modern micro transport systems that add freedom and movement to city life.


Municipality / Istanbul

Test drives of new locally produced Metro busses were made but did not pass the inspection. Following this result, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started a new project related transformation   metrobus into a trolleybus.


Regulation / EV Charging Stations

In the statement made by the Petroleum Products Employers' Union (PÜİS), the period until September 9, 2020, for the gas stations with electric vehicle charging units in the fuel station to apply to the municipalities they are affiliated to and register the electric vehicle charging stations as an auxiliary activity to the Business License and Working License was extended. It was reminded that the regulation change on the subject was published in the Official Gazette dated September 9, 2020.


Micro Mobility / Kent AS / Kodeco

In order to reduce air pollution and increase clean energy use in Karşıyaka, Kent AŞ is starting a pilot study with Turkish company KODECO with its small electric cars in Mavişehir.  The electric vehicles and the shared system developed by KODECO will be operated on the specified routes so the operating model will be optimized.


EV Market / Statistic

261 electric and 11,750 hybrid cars were sold in the first 9 first in Turkey. Electric car sales rose to 103.9 percent compared to the same period last year while hybrid car sales rose by 53.7%.


Micro Mobility / Legislation

Authority and duty are given to The General Directorate of Highways for the construction of areas where bicycles and electric scooters can use. Again, the age for driving electric bicycles and electric scooters on bicycle paths and lanes is determined as 15. So those under the age of 15 will not be able to use them. We make it compulsory for drivers to grant access to electric bicycles and scooters when turning right or left. If there is a separate cycle path or lane, we want electric scooters to use these.


Battery Manufacturing / Boron 

Minister Dönmez, in his post on Twitter, said, “We started our lithium production attack from Bor mineral. Domestic production lithium will be used in batteries in electric cars, phones, and tablets. We will start production at the end of the year. "


Comm. EV Manufacturing / Agriculture 

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said, "Turkey's first electric tractor has become ready for serial production." It will be 100 % charged in 45-55 minutes and consumes 8 times less fuel than a diesel tractor with 105 hp power."


EV Manufacturing / TOGG /  Battery

TOGG and Farasis signed a comprehensive letter of intent at Informatics Valley. After the signature, according to the published written statement that Farasis battery modules and specified production packs will be manufactured in Turkey. Besides, the strategic partnership options for energy storage solutions for Turkey and surrounding countries under the umbrella of a joint venture company was discussed.


Comm. EV Manufacturing / Temsa / Bus

Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper; "Temsa will be one of the exemplary companies in terms of sustainability with new investments  in electric vehicle solutions  which we see as the future of public transportation ”


Competition  / TIM 

The contest with theme of Electric Vehicles is organized by the support of  Ministry of Commerce and coordinated by Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM). This year, Ömer Orkun Düztaş with the Büyükütech-Forsight project was awarded the first place among 291 projects. 


EV Manufacturing / Porsche

Porsche's first full electric sports car, the Porsche Taycan, was brought to Turkey by Doğuş Otomotiv . Taycan 4S, Turbo and Turbo S models will be sold in 7  authorized Porsche dealers in Turkey.

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