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Regulation / Public Transport

Electric vehicles that were brought to Büyükada (the island on the marmara sea) weeks ago have started to serve as of today. The vehicles were first brought to the center of Büyükada. Mayor Erdem Gül and IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili came to the point where the first voyage would start. The first passengers got on the electric busses for the places they wanted to go.


Comm. Vehicle Manufacturing /Public Transport

Karsan, which offers transportation solutions in line with the mobility needs of the age, won the electric minibus tender held in Beclean, Romania. Karsan, which recently won the tender for 10 electric minibuses for the Romanian city of Suceava, now signed an agreement for the delivery of 8 more Jest Electric vehicles to serve in the city of Beclean. Karsan, which will ensure the delivery of Jest Electric vehicles to the city until the end of the year in line with the tender conditions, continues to increase its strength day by day in the Romanian market, where it has been involved since 2013.


Start up / Mini Mobility

4 young cycling enthusiast engineers from ITU Cekirdek Laboratories developed an "electric bicycle converter", which is shown as the smallest and lightest in the world.  The 1.2 kg Byqee can turn any bicycle into an electric vehicle that can travel up to 30 kilometers. Young engineers are preparing to export the electric converter to European countries in the near future.


Car Manufacturing / TOGG

TOGG CEO GurcanTurkoglu, "We continue with the name of TOGG as brand name.  We signed confidentiality agreements with 10 international companies. TOGG's  supplier choices have been completed by 93 percent, of which 78 per cent from Turkey, while 22 percent different companies from Europe and Asia. " We convinced one of the world's leading players on battery technology to bring to our country"


Car Manufacturing / TOGG

The columnist Emre Özpeynirci: The 'domestic automobile' project has been on our agenda for about 10 years. I have been saying from the very beginning and I still want to repeat it insistently; "I believe that Turkey can easily do that from the beginning of his car." After all, we have an automotive industry background of more than 50 years. As a result, we have automobile production with 67 percent domestic production rate as of today. However, when I asked the questions "Why do we need our own car brand, to whom and how will we sell it" from the very beginning, I cannot find an answer. The government can undoubtedly think of it as a political force, but I cannot comment because I am not a politician. I have to be an objective for my duty.


Car Manufacturing /BMW

BMW Group brands BMW and MINI's Turkey distributor Borusan Automotive is preparing for the competion at the electric car segments in Turkey, too. Borusan Otomotiv, which recently launched the first 100 % BEV model; the MINI Electric, will also launch the BMW iX3 in the first quarter of 2021.


Commercial Vehicle Mannufacturing /Heavy Duty

Stating that the machine was produced as a 7-ton city wheeled excavator, Hidromek YK Chairman Bozkurt said, "The most important feature of our machine is that it works with  100% electric. It is a machine that can be charged in 1.5 hours and work for 8 hours with  lithium-ion batteries.  "In this project, we aim the excavator to be manufactured with the local equipments by  85-90%. We are currently using domestic batteries.  We solve the electronic software part domestically. " "We will have finished our machine in the last days of 2021", He said.


Start up / Competition

The entrepreneurs selected among 159 candidates at the competion organized by Istanbul Municipality are as follows: - Kodeco: A techno-entrepreneurship company established to develop future transportation solutions with clean energy and smart technologies. - Reengen: Offers end-to-end data analysis solutions in the energy value chain from production to consumption. Stroma: An AI-based interface that analyzes driver and worker behavior to reduce accidents. - Bluedot: Connects electric vehicle chargers with drivers in the most convenient way. Duckt: Plug & play universal adapter and IoT charging solution provides a better experience for public space regulation and MaaS and Bak-tek


Car Manufacturing / Education

Cars exporters' association Vocational and Technical High School's electric vehicle department became the most preferred school  in the field of vocational education in Bursa where the most of the car manufacturing plants locate in Turkey.


Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing /Education

Karsan announced that it has signed a "Vocational and Technical Education Cooperation Protocol" with Bursa Governorship and Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education in order to contribute to vocational education in the automotive sector. Karsan CEO Okan Baş, who attended the signing ceremony, said, "We are excited and happy to share our work in the field of electric vehicles with our youth, who will be the qualified manpower of the future. We believe that every step we take together will add value to our industry, women's employment and the future of our country." 


Regulation /Micro Mobility

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the meeting aimed at standardizing micro-mobility systems such as electric bicycles and electric scooters was held with the participation of sector representatives. Musa Yazıcı, Head of Mobility Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, emphasized the importance of ensuring integration with public transport and emphasized that the future role of micro mobility vehicles should be well understood and studies should be done accordingly. He also added "Municipalities are one of the most important actors"


Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing /Mini Mobility

Turkey's largest golf and utility vehicle manufacturer Pilotcar from Bursa, despite the pandemic, has brought the domestic electric mini truck project into life. The 2-person mini truck with a price of 110-120 thousand TL will reach 120 km at the first stage and 300 km at the end of the year. 90% locally made vehicle's model name was chosen as P1000  because it has a load capacity of 1 ton.


Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer / Busses

Leading Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturing brands such as Karsan, Temsa and Otokar export their locally produced electric buses to the world. Karsan produces electric bus models; Jest with  210-kilometer range and Atak with 300 kilometers. In 2019, it achieved an export revenue of 171.5 million Euros. Temsa is now ready for mass production; It has 3 electric models: “MD9”, Avenue Electron and Avenue EV. The first order for the MD 9 Electricity vehicle came from the Swedish company Connectbus. The vehicles will be delivered to the company in October 2020. The Otokar, Turkey's first electric bus produced in 2012. The first electric bus is the 9-meter Doruk Electra. The 12-meter Kent Electra was manufactured in 2019.


Car Manufacturing / Free Zone

Bursa Free Zone with a $ 2 billion trading volume and providing10 thousand jobs,is Turkey's 5th largest free trade zone. Free zone which is adjavent to the factory of  Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) the property will be even more important in the future. The fact that the companies in the region mostly operate in the automotive and machinery sectors and that Bursa is a center in these sectors are some of the features that highlight the Bursa Free Zone.


EV Charging / Operator

ESARJ with the majority shares purchased by Enerjisa in 2018, became the first EV charging operator having the International Green Energy certificate (IREC) in Turkey. Accordingly, the company will play an important role in reducing carbon emissions and protecting natural resources by using the energy produced entirely from solar and wind power plants at its nearly 350 stations.


Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing /Shipyard

Tersan Shipyard, operating in the shipyards area in Yalova's Altinova district, is building three battery-powered car ferries worth approximately 100 million euros for Torghatten Nord which is one of Norway's leading logistics companies. Officials stated that they exported four 100 percent electric ferries to Fjord 1 to one of Norway's largest logistics companies, earlier.


Battery Manufacturing / Aspilsan

The construction contract of the production facility that will be Turkey's first lithium-ion battery production facility was signed between Aspilsan enerji and the construction company.  İsmail Hakkı Doğankaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aspilsan said; "Our dependence on abroad for Lio-on batteries will decrease and we will become independent in the following years. We are a company that will compete with many companies in the world in terms of storable energy."

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