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MARCH 2021

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EV Manufacturer / Porsche

Porsche was the first automobile brand to establish charging network for their electric cars in Turkey. So far, 100 chargng units with an investment of $ 7.8 million TL was installed by Porsche Turkey across the country, and the number of chargers will be 190 pieces with total investment of 10 million TL until the end of 2021. 

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Micromobility Manufacturer / Volta Motor

Two young engineers who graduated from ITU in 2010 are getting into the electric motorcycle business. At first, they start selling electric motorcycles that they imported from China. Then they decide to produce them in Turkey. The point they have reached today is amazing; one of them in China 3 factories, total 71,000 m2 open and 27,250 m2 closed area where 400 people work, a daily production capacity of 1,000-1,200 electric vehicles and export to 45 countries.

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Public Survey / IPSOS

LeasePlan, the global leasing company co-operated with Ipsos published the "Electric Vehicles and Sustainability" section of the Mobility Insight Report. According to the report, Turks were the customers who wanted to buy electric vehicles the most with 61%. The Turks were followed by Italy and Spain.

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Regulation / Parking Lot Regulation

The parking regulation was recently published in the official newspaper.
5% of the parking area will be allocated to electric vehicles in new buildings with the number of mandatory parking lots of 20 or more. The obligation to install fast charging stations in shopping malls with a size of 30,000 m2 enacted. At least 10% of the space will be allocated in accordance with electric vehicles (including charging unit) in the new regions and public parking lots and the car parks of shopping malls. (5% until 2023)

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Regulation / SC Tax

Demand slowed down after the increase in the SCT of electric cars. While the electric car market fell 16.7 percent in February, sales of luxury cars most affected with 22.9 percent fall by the SCT increase. 

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Commercial EV Manufacturer / Ford - Wolkswagen

Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG agreed to jointly produce diesel, rechargeable hybrid-electric PHEV and full-electric versions of a 1-ton medium commercial vehicle according to the plans of their cooperation framework since 2018. Ali Koç said, "We will realize the largest investment of 2 billion Euros in the Turkish automotive industry up to date."

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President announcement / EV manufacturing

President Recep T. Erdogan; "Turkey's car project continues with full speed. We are planning to produce first electric vehicles from by the end of 2022. We aim to be the top 5 in the world and leader in Europe. Turkey is committed to become one of the world's leading battery manufacturers. I invite turkish and foreign scientists  to take advantage of the opportunities offered by our country. "

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EV Charge Operators / Aksa Şarj

Aksa Elektrik under the "Aksa Charge" brand name started to serve as charging stations/operators for the electric vehicles at Trump Shopping Mall and Trump Residence . The company will start operating electric vehicle charging stations at many points, mainly in Istanbul, by the end of the year.

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Municipalities / Public EV Charging Stations

According to the statement from the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the location of the electric vehicle charging stations planned to be established at 25 different points in the city center was determined after the negotiations and field studies with the relevant companies.

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EV Charge Operators / Esarj

Sabancı Holding Energy Group President Kıvanç Zaimler stated that they would increase the number of public stations to 500 with their brand name Eşarj, in which they hold a majority share, and that they aim to give the users a guarantee that the energy at these stations is produced from 100 percent renewable resources.

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EV Space Parts Manufacturing / Eldor

The Aegean Free Zone, where Italian Eldor has decided to invest, wants to be a center of attraction in electric vehicles. The facility will produce 200,000 DC-DC converters, 200,000 battery charging units, 800,000 energy management modules and 75,000 high voltage starters annually for electric cars.

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