Everything that is illogical in today's mobility

Everything that is illogical in the paragraph below actually shapes the mobility of the future.

"A 70kg weight driver gets into his 1000kg car and goes to work alone. The car is powered by a gasoline engine (or internal combustion engine). Engine efficiency is 25%. If we add indirect energy into the calculation that is consumed during production, refining, and distribution until the fuel reaches the pump, efficiency is a maximum of 15%. He arrives at his workplace in 15 minutes without traffic, but due to the traffic density, he arrives in 45 minutes, releasing a considerable amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Then he reaches the parking lot where he leaves the vehicle for 9 hours. After work instead of spending his time at home, with his family, business, or any other way he chooses, he spends another most productive 45 minutes of the day and leaves his car at the parking lot until the morning. (The vehicle usage data above are average data from public surveys.) where he will park.