Hitting birds with one stone... /PV rooftop

According to the results of several polls conducted recently, Turkey's biggest problem is the economy and unemployment rate; even Covid-19 is considered less important. At the same time, the Covid 19 recovery packages and the stimulating programs are being implemented one after the other.

Public banks started to provide low-interest housing loans to revive the economy that slowed down before and during Covid 19. A total of 11 billion USD was disbursed in the period between June to September. These credits were used unconditionally for all kinds of house purchases. In fact, it was again the fossil fuel industry that indirectly benefited from these credits. The same credits could be used conditionally by including renewable energy and energy efficiency measures for those who want to buy a house. For example, a rooftop solar system installation could be required as a loan condition. The same amount of credit would be used again, however, the following benefits would be achieved in the field of economy and unemployment by using solar energy;

• Increasing employment in the production of solar energy system equipment and the implementation of roof-top projects.