How many EVs will be sold in Turkey in 2030

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

An incredible transformation is taking place in EU’s automotive industry. EU announced a "green deal" last December to become carbon neutral continent by 2050. GHG mitigation for the mobility sector, which is solely responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, is possible only with the transition to e-mobility. Many member countries quickly implemented green deal plans into their legislations. As a quick result,for example the ratio of electric auto sales to cumulative auto sales increased to 15% in Germanyand 11% in France in September 2020, and this rate is increasing day by day. Undoubtedly, Norway which is not EU country is a world leader by 70 of every 100 vehicles sold were electric ones. The other reason why electric vehicles are preferred thismuch is that the electric vehicle and its ecosystem are technologically proven and the interest of the EU citizens is rising. Meanwhile, while referring to the number of electric vehicles in Turkey, we are talking about how many electric vehicles are sold in hundred thousand rather than how many ones in hundred (or percent) in Turkey (which is actually 1 of 11,250 vehicles is electric). Fortunately, we know it won't go that way. Then, let us search what the electric vehicle market would be in Turkey in 2030.