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Car Manufacturer / TOGG

EIA (Environmenatl Impact Assesment) report for the the production facility of Turkish made car by TOGG in Bursa Gemlik was prepared and approved by Environmental and Urban Planning Ministry.


Car Manufacturer /TOGG

The chairman of Turkish union of chambers and exchange commodities Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said "The groundbreaking ceremony of domestic car factory in Gemlik will be  realized with participation of  Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan within this month" and  "Our goal is to produce the first car with local content of 51% at the end of 2022, and aim to increase this localization rate to 75 percent within next 2 years.


Service Industry

German engineering company EDAG opened an office in the "Informatics Valley of Gebze, Istanbul". The company will realize its first project with TOGG. Cosimo De Carlo said"We are confident that TOGG will provide a significant contribution to Turkey's and Europe's electric transportation"


CAR Manufacturer / TOGG

After the groundbreaking, domestic car factory with the budget of 22 billion liras  will be completed in two years. While 5 thousand people will be directly employed at the TOGG factory, 20 thousand people will work indirectly. The first domestic car from the factory will be on the road in last quarter of 2022. The rough construction of the factory, which proceeds in line with the planning, will take 12 months. Then, technological equipment will be placed. It is aimed to produce 1 million vehicles by 2032 at the factory, which will reach an annual production capacity of 175 thousand cars per year.


Mini Mobility / Commercial

The electric vehicle manufacturing company operating in Bursa has made its vehicles suitable for collecting medical waste during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic. A medical waste collection modification has been prepared by the company called TRAGGER for electric vehicles that have been manufactured in Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone in Nilüfer since 2018 and exported to Germany, Australia and Morocco in addition to domestic sales.


Car Manufacturer / Opel

Opel with electric versions of models such as new Corsa  and the Mokka , Turkish subsidiary's General Manager Alpagut Girgin said that they have no plan to produce electric car in Turkey "We are waiting for turkish customer habits and turkish market completly ready for electric vehicle. The developments of Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) will be a good indicator for us, "he said.


Commercial EV Manufacturer / ISUZU

Turkish automotive brand Anadolu Isuzu, having Turkey's leading R & D Center and most widely used sales and service network for commercial vehicles, become one of 21 partners "5GMED" project in 7 countries  to bring 5G distribution model for the mobility of the future of the Mediterranean corridor . The project is funded by the European Commission and will be implemented until November 2023, has started to develop the first vehicle equipped with 5G-communicating devices and capable of L2 + autonomous driving in the 5G section.


Car Manufacturer / Nissan

Turkey is becoming a more favorable market every day for electric vehicles. At this point, the importance and value of our country is increasing in the Nissan world. Turkey will also be the first country in the world for 100% electric Nissan Leaf to be launched in 2021.


Commercial EV Manufacturer /Ford

Two Ford Custom cars of Turkey's first domestic rechargeable hybrid electric (PHEV) commercial vehicle brand by Ford Otosan has been delivered to use of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality with the participation of Mayor Mansur Yavaş at the ceremony taken place at Ankara Castle.


Charging Stations

Turkey's electricity car chargers showcased. The prototypes of charging units that will be produced in Erzurum have been introduced from the beginning of September . After the serial production of the units begins, charging stations will begin to beinstalled all over the country. With 100% turkish design and software, products attract attention. Units will initially be produced in two types, commercial AC type and home type. At the first stage, 250 people are expected to be employed in the factory built on the Erzurum - Pasinler highway, .


Service Industry

Bosch Automotive Spare Parts in Turkey, Iran & Middle East Regional Director Anil Arslan, "Drivers of electric vehicles regardless of brand and modewill have theopportunity to meet anyneeds , from vehicle charging to fault detection and solution from a single center at Bosch Car Services ."


Regulation /Mini Mobility

Electric scooters, which have become a part of daily transportation in many countries and cities, have brought various discussions with them. It is criticized for causing various problems in terms of passenger and pedestrian safety, as seen as a solution to environmental pollution and traffic density at the same time. There is currently no legal framework for e-scooters in Turkey yet. However, it continues to expand the number of users.


Car sharing service

IAvis offers electric car rental service with the Green brand. In this segment, they rent the BMW i3s. "The trend was rising, but the pandemic affected this issue as well. Due to the expensive battery technology, the price of the electric vehicle is very high compared to the conventional vehicle, so the rents are expensive," the officials said.


Mini Mobility Sharing Service

A startup company ZOOP will serve as the electric vehicle sharing platform.  ZOOP began testing double seated mini electric vehicles, shared its mini-mobility technology, set out the goal of opening the world besides Turkey. The initiative, which has started piloting with a small fleet of 5 vehicles in Maslak, Istanbul, is planning to start commercial activities within 3 months


ICT Services

Hirschvogel Ventures has invested over 1 million euros to turkish startup company Eatron which is Turkey Artificial Intelligence Initiative member, and focuses on  developing intelligent products and solutions for  electrical and software-powered autonomous vehicles.



Bursa Governorship Provincial Directorate of National Education and KARSAN Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. came together to contribute to vocational education in the automotive sector and to sign a cooperation protocol.

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